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See What Waits Inside of a New Dodge Durango

With all new soft-touch materials and high-grade textures, the Dodge Durango has come out with its best interior yet. It includes the latest high-tech gadgets from Uconnect as well, but Dodge also partnered up with Beats to offer an audio upgrade as well. With three rows of seating, you get a lot of leg room with cargo space. It's also a stylish SUV and top-rated for safety features.

The UConnect infotainment system is incredible in the Durango. With integrations for Apple Carplay and Android Auto, you get a lot of functionality in addition to navigation, satellite radio, HD speakers…

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The Differences Between Full-Size and Compact Spare Tires

Most auto owners keep their tires in good shape as part of their regular vehicle maintenance. However, sometimes a flat can occur from running over an unseen object in the road. When a tire needs to be replaced, owners should know what type of tire they are using as a spare.

There are different types of spare tires: a full-size matching tire, a full-size temporary spare and a compact temporary, or donut, tire. If you use a full-size matching tire as a spare, you don't have to replace it with another tire later. If you use a full-size temporary…

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What to Bring on a Towing Trip

There are several items that you will need to bring with you if you decide to use your trailer. First, make sure that you have a jack that can lift the weight of the trailer safely. Second, be sure to bring a tire gauge to make sure that they are properly inflated throughout the trip.

Finally, a toolset may be desirable in case anything breaks or needs to be replaced. For instance, have a screwdriver or lug set could be ideal if you want to secure a light or detach something from the trailer. Zip ties may be ideal as…

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Roadside Safety Advice for Every Motorist

Getting stranded on the side of the road is one of every motorist's worst nightmares. Here at Solomon Chrysler Jeep Dodge-Carmichaels, we believe preventative maintenance plays an important role in avoiding future disasters.

Preventative maintenance includes properly inflating tires, checking exterior lights and maintaining adequate fluid levels. Oil, transmission, fuel and air filters should also be inspected and replaced regularly.

Even the most well-maintained vehicle is vulnerable to a highway mishap. Drivers should familiarize themselves with the location...

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The Dodge Challenger is More of a Family Car than You’d Think

The Dodge Challenger has many features that can simplify driving routines for families. All of the most valuable tools are found in the cabin on the console. If you need a muscle car that has a convenient radio and multiple solutions for short and long road trips, the Challenger is a suitable vehicle.

Many of the most helpful family features can be accessed on the panel near the steering wheel. On this panel, you can fill the cabin with music by pressing an icon. When needed, you could also use the console to get information about the weather or traffic…

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MOPAR Makes Automotive Repairs Convenient for Teen Drivers

MOPAR simplifies repair situations for teen drivers because they can tackle different tasks by accessing the mobile app. The MOPAR app is beneficial since it's built with organizational tools, vehicle manuals, and professional customer service features. These options help a teen handle a variety of automotive repair or maintenance routines in an effective and efficient manner.

The MOPAR apps give a teen many opportunities to maintain a traditional automobile. For example, by studying the vehicle owner's manual that's included in the app, a teen can troubleshoot different problems

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Detailing the Differences Between Four-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel-Drive Systems

All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are similar in name, but different in function, so they are sometimes confused with one another. They both do cause all four wheels of a vehicle to have power and traction are added to the driving ability of the vehicle. However, the similarity ends there as they each operate differently as to function.

The four-wheel drive vehicles utilize a low gear ratio along with a split differential to get the job done. This technology is found in larger off-road SUVs and pickup trucks. The four-wheel-drive system is best used for driving on rugged terrain...

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Know the Risk of Driving on an Empty Fuel Tank This Winter

The task of putting gas in a car is usually not a fun one. This task becomes even less desirable during the winter months. Keeping your gas tank near empty can actually be dangerous for your car. Besides the obvious risk of running out of gas and being stranded somewhere, there are a number of other risks drivers take when they leave their tank on empty.

Leaving a tank on empty allows room for condensation. During the winter season, such condensation can freeze, build up in fuel lines and make it difficult to start your car. Furthermore, from time to…

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UConnect Comes In Handy When Traveling With Small Children

Long road trips are difficult whether they are for business or pleasure. It takes a great deal of planning to make sure that the distance is covered in the right amount of time with the least amount of risk. All of these elements are compounded when you have small children involved. Young adults require closer attention. They also need activities to occupy their minds so that the driver can focus on the task at hand.

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