Your lease is almost over. Therefore, it is time to think about your repair checklist. A call to our team will get you assistance with lease return and renewal if desired. If the vehicle has damage, there will be charges. If possible, begin the repair process to avoid excessive fees. The lease agreement will tell you what damages are allowed. Some have open-ended leases while others have chosen a closed-ended lease. The two differ in payment requirements. Closed leases require payment for damages upon return.

Our team will check the vehicle and list items with excessive wear. The advantage of the open-end lease is the chance of getting a refund if the car remains in good condition. A few things to check are faded spots, scratches, dents, stains, and cracks. Damage can easily exceed $2,000. However, some lease stipulations hold damage charges to the amount of three months lease cost. Our team here at Solomon Chrysler Jeep Dodge-Carmichaels is happy to talk to you about lease return or vehicle purchase. Contact us today.